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Walk away, get outta there. Tear the contract up, start over. Unless there is a vin number on the contract all you signed for was to be a free bank for the dealer with your money. It happens all the time. You are partially to blame for trusting a dealer without anything to show for it.

Would you buy a $200 ipod off craigslist if the guy didn't have it and said "Give me your money, I'll find you one?" Then why would you do it with $20,000?

Kia dealers here can not order out if the factory. They get what kia delivers to them. Sometimes they get a shipping list a week before they arrive. Most of the time they hear a truck is coming the next day, and they have no idea what is on it.

You have to remember, even with honest sales people, a dealer is concerned about one thing: getting the most money out of you. Why would you let them string you along? They are just trying to hold on to you long enough to get your money. They are concerned and afraid once you are wise to the issue you will walk and they will lose the sale. They will say anything they can to keep you blindly following them.

Time be your own car buying service. You dictate what you want, when you want it, and for what price. If they can't deliver, then move on. Sometimes dealers pull stuff out magically when you leave the parking lot. You never know! You have allowed them to be lazy with this deal and have convinced them you are on their time and they can use your money however they please. Wait for the car you want, Kia inventory creates a challenging hunt but it can be done. Just don't sign anything till you actually see it.
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