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I am so disappointed with kia!!!

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Last wednesday, I signed the contract and purchased KIA forte Koup 2011 Titanium Silver.

They said it would take me 4~5 days and I will get a car on tuesday at last... And, they call me today and they said my primary choice is not available in Canada, so they have to order from South Korea which would take 3~6 weeks!!!!!!!!

This is my first car and I am paying by myself with financing...

I couldn't sleep well for last 6 days and always check this forum's pictures of others and imagine myself in that car...

and... they destroyed my dream...

But... I want that colour so badly....

I am wondering... Do you think It is right to ask to renting a car for 3 ~6 weeks (for free) until my car arrived canada?

I need a car to go to work... immediately.... but I am not sure if it is reasonable for insisting for rentals of car for 3~6weeks for free...

I want to hear opinions of others...
Again, this is my first time buying car so I don't know much about negotiation stuff...
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i just got my car this pass saturday

i originally wanted a black koup sx

just when i signed contract and such..2 days later called me saying they couldn't located it because it was all sold out (the way i want it)
then silver was the next choice...i got my silver koup the way i want it
and i LOVE IT...actually a better choice than the black

dirty/scratch reasons and simply almost any wheels you buy would match the silver LOL

my car is the last of the one i want in the whole east coast
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