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lots around here in tampa bay area (about 5 or 6 dealers) seem to have a lot of of EX's koups/sedans, (more sedans) one lot had a heaping pile of the LX or do i have it backwards- whichever one is the fuel sipper model- (that was the lot where i got my SX koup)
colors seem to be mainly a lot of red/blue/silver for the koups, dont remember colors on the sedans cuz i wasnt looking for one......
the sales guy i bought my koup from (as if he did anything more than shuffle paper- if the car was sitting on a shelf, i could have picked it out myself and handed the paperwork to the finance guy....and a hell of a lot faster- lol- and sales people wonder why we hate them?) he kept telling me about the ECO feature on my SX koup w/6 speed- i still have yet to see the ECO light telling me i am saving part was him trying to explain how to connect the bluetooth to my phone........lawdy.....i ended up telling him i wouldnt be using it just to keep him from talking about it. that same sales guy kept telling me about them selling a lot of these fortes/koups.....but other than a rental i saw at work-i have still yet to see one driving around tampa. and from having checked the dealers websites, several times daily for about 6 weeks straight- they are not moving the ones on their web sites......same stock nbrs over and over again.
i need to get my paper work from the sale- i think my car (black SX koup 6spd w/leater) was actually shipped to canada first......might explain the 14 or so miles on it when i went for my test drive......(they drove it down from canada- lol)
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