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I need mods!

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Hello everyone, I'm new to this site but I have been reading it almost everyday. I am going to pick up my Forte Koup SX on Monday, January 17th. I have been looking all over for modifications for my car especially on this site. Some of the mods i have been looking at are:

1. XXR 507 W-Series Black with Blue (not sure which size will look best, possibly the 18", 19"?).
2. Streeglow Lightstrike Underglow Kit.
3. Streetglow music interface (makes lights beat with the music).
4. LEDs on interior such as moonroof LEDs and footwell LEDs.
5. Ebiach lowering springs.
6. Subs and a system (still looking at what I want).
7. Body kit (I have been looking all over for one such as the KAI and SXR but need some suggestions).
8. Headlights (I have no idea what style looks best ie. Angel, Halo, Audi style, and the same with tailights).
9. Tint all around (porbably 35% and also headlight and tailight tint but I dont know if people usually tint the headlights?).
10. GT Sequence Spoiler.
11. Carbon Fiber Hood (I am looking for the one with the 3 slots on each side of the hood).
12. Turbo Kit - CAI, High flow CAT, and CAT Back Exhaust (from, any other good sounding kits?).
13. Sharkfin Antenna?
14. Possible different grille and debadged.
15. Vinyl roof (is that just when you paint your roof black?).
16. What kind of tires possibly?

That is just a list off the top of my head for now. I'm just looking for lots of mods in general, and also some of the better brands. All help is appreciated and what mods you guys like and stuff like that. I have some money to spend so I'm trying to make my car look sick as possible so the performance upgrades, besides the springs because it gives the car a more racing look, will be last. I live in the Pittsburgh area and if anyone around the area has had mods added to their car, where at? I'm looking for a good place, I've been looking at Xtreme Car and Truck in Bridgeville but I'm still not sure. Thanks Guys.
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I come to the car meet April 30th in nj and look at all the cars that have mods, that way you can see how they look on your car in person before you decide if you like it or not.
I was thinking about that. Like some of the mods I know for sure I want ie. a system, lowerin springs, rims, LEDs. But stuff like the spoiler, I've seen it on other cars and love it and like the vinyl roof, it looks good on white cars but mines going to be the blue so I dont know. But I am a high school student so I have to work around my school and work schedule to see if I can make it.
Well by April I'll have my spoiler on, the undercar led kit, the body kit and other crap so you can scope mine out if you want
Are you getting the same sequence spoiler? They look pretty sick from some people I've seen. But the undercar LEDs are all the same just about, I'm getting the lightstrike just so I can have just a plain color or do designs or whatever I want really. And are you getting the NEFD bodykit, they look pretty sick and the SXR doesnt really look like a bodykit just more like little stuff added to the side skirts and stuff unless I'm looking at the wrong kit haha.
I'm waiting for the gt sequence in the mail, my led kit is the million color pattern one with the remote, and I'm ordering the nefd bodykit. You order it from and use forte10 as the promotion code, ya get 10% off, so it's a good deal!
You order it from and use forte10 as the promotion code, ya get 10% off, so it's a good deal!
U tried forte50 ?

Could be interresting !
U tried forte50 ?

Could be interresting !
haha, nice !! :p

Forte100!! ;) lol nah but I know forte10 really works
Yeah I was thinking about ordering it, it does look sick haha. And yeah thats the Lightstrike package if your ordering form Streeglow. How much does it bring it the bodykit down? almost 100? And also i heard its $895 to the US, but then you have to pay extra to get it shipped right to your house.
Yes to everything but the underglow and led's. Pleaseee don't. My apologies if I offend anyone.
Yes to everything but the underglow and led's. Pleaseee don't. My apologies if I offend anyone.

:rolleyes: Agreed the underglow kit may be a bit much for our cars. I have The Sedan EX and I get enough looks as it is but you guys (and girls) with the Koups. . . .man. I even break my neck when you all pull up. . . . .
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