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I need some advice.

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Im about to set out to paint my calipers. Im gonna paint them purple. A dark bright prpl. I bought a can of metalic purple and a can of black. how should i do this? I was thinking of painting them black and them coming back with the purple on top with more black if needed
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Oh. and midnightish purple and titanium will be my new scheme. Gonna pull off the red when I get my wheels painted. at kustom koncepts IM gonna do A black and purple Marble LIp and the rest color-matched. $250 and i gotta fly their flag for a bit, maybe I wont mind
Yeah High temp.
'huh? 'dark' 'bright' purple? Is it going to be dark or bright?
Its a Bright metallic paint to be covered or lighly applied over black.....not sure yet
Look man Im lookin for advice so post if you hav it. Theyre giving me a good price so agreed to slap a sticker on the car to show who did my wheels. Scheme? Do you hav a car? What colors is it. C'mon microsoft. Lets move on to somethin useful
Thanks for all the great information!......... I swear postwhores are worse then lurkers. if you don understand dont post.
^^^^ sorry for the tude. A lil cranky, done with the calipers though.
It looks great!!! After some trial and error, i found a way. I sprayed black and 3 coats of the purp(or til i got the color i liked). But I broke my lug key when i was removing my rear wheel so i had to stop for today. But the front looks good. I ended up doin a two tone black/purp. OOH and I saw a couple of things a could spray that would look cool.
1 - 8 of 15 Posts
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