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I need some advice.

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Im about to set out to paint my calipers. Im gonna paint them purple. A dark bright prpl. I bought a can of metalic purple and a can of black. how should i do this? I was thinking of painting them black and them coming back with the purple on top with more black if needed
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Anyway back on the topic. I haven't painted calipers before so take my advice for what it is. First off, dark and bright are conflicting ideas so I can see where people are confused but I think I kind of get what you mean. Maybe a dark vivid purple is a better word.

If it's a high heat paint you should be fine. Your thought of shooting it black first and then the purple is a good idea I'm just not sure it will actually do what you're trying to achieve. They have caliper paint kits with all the required brushes, type of paint, etc included. Have you looked at one of those and seen a color you're trying to look for? Maybe that would be a better route.
Ok, looks like you finished right as I posted. Be sure to post pics when it dries up! I think the Titanium / Purple combo is unique and will look pretty good if done right.

PS - You should know that some people on here are picky about their grammar and punctuation. Who cares. It's pretty easy to understand a post without those things if you think for a second and fill in the blanks.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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