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I test drove a GTI

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One of my trips to the dealer was long enough that I decided to play around on a manual GTI. This is the 3rd car in addition to the SVT Cobra and Mustang GT that I have found have a better manual transmission than our cars. The funny thing is that they all feel the same compared to the way that our car launches off first gear or shifts into second. The car works with you, not against you. The clutch has a larger engagement point, is not so much of an on/off switch, and feels more connected to the engine.

I know about the Cylinder Delay Valve. Is it possible that one part is responsible for this huge difference? How can I mod my car to make it have a more normal manual transmission?
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From what I understand here in the states, the cdv is hard to get too so its not a easy job to take it out :(
but there are a few people that have done this mod on the site and said that it was like having a new car after.
Well if its a aftermarket clutch like if centerforce makes one for are cars (which I think they do) that should help make it feel alittle bit more direct.. like a stage 2 would be stronger and the pedal should feel a bit more stiff, however if your going to add a new clutch it would be a great time to junk the CDV thats my own plan down the road :)

I think between doing both those things it should make a huge change!
also changing the shifter bushings will give the car a more direct shift on the lever side.

I don't think that you really need a bigger clutch thou inless you plan on adding more Hp
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