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Tire Rack list those AR-1s at $US136. Gotta add shipping, taxes and duties and brokerage (I'm assuming you're in Canada so TPMS sensors are not req'd) and that adds up to about $CDN800 Sounds to me like the dealer lost about 20 bucks instead of taking their usual 30-50% 'pound-of-flesh'... Not bad at all.

Of course, if you really don't like the AR-1s, then you should be able to strong-arm the dealership into taking them back and installing the exact wheels he sold you. Say something like '... I paid for original Kia wheels and you're screwing me with these cheap aftermarket knock-offs... I'm gonna complain to (insert appropriate consumer protection agency) and Kia Canada...'

Now before you do that, you should know that ASA has been in the aftermarket rim business for a long time; while their product is not up to the standard of BBS (which costs $US675 for an almost identical BBS RGR 17x7.5. Yes, that's for one rim...) their wheels are good quality high pressure castings which is nothing to sneeze at; who knows where Kia gets their wheels from...



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