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I wanna upgrade my system BUT..

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I value my trunk space AND my backseats!! I wanna put in a sub or two and change out the stock speakers.

Anyone have any suggestions on where i could put the subs??
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Don't laugh, i heard a set and it sounded like two mid level 10's. They vibrate like a subwoofer does at different hertz. No box needed. Mount them under your seat for real fun!!!! lol

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Lanzar and pyramid and boss are pawn shop junk nowadays.
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please do not go with the "bass shakers" lol.
anything like that does not compare to what you could get with building your own box and saving room too.
Go with a shallow mount sub...kicker has some, kenwood, alpine, pioneer, basically every brand has shallow mount subs now, they require almost no space and you will be pleased with them too. check out because they are probably going to be a vendor of ours soon and will get you a discount, I am talking to the mods and setting everything up so please stick with a sub and box and no big boxey vibrators for under your seat lol.
No, they won't compare with a huge amps, or boxes, or woofers, but they use almost no room. They arent "big and boxy" They are small and fit under your seat. I personally have a 12 in each car with an amp mounted to the box. I still have room for a stroller, and walmart trips. I just didn't know how serious you were about space. you could get some free air subwoofers or "infinite baffle"....... What are you hauling around?
i have one memphis m3 12. Its nasty.
I run all memphis. I like the lifetime warranty. ( on the speakers)
I have 4s in the dash, 6 1/2 in the doors and 6x9's in the back all running off the deck. It keeps up with the bass nicely. I am not trying to win an spl contest, i like clarity, not to hear my ears ringing. I went though that phase already and all it did was make my car come apart... :) But as long as you stick to quality speakers you should be ok. Boston, alpine, polk ect. Even power acoustik is ok. Don't get anything from a pawn shop.

Remember, ONE 10 or 12 can sound just as good or better than two lesser 10's or 12's. When you shop for amps, look at the fuses and you can tell the REAL power. (rms)Add one zero to the total and you will get a pretty good guesstimate. if it has two 20 fuses then its around 400 watts. If you have 4 30's then 1200. Its not a perfect formula, but it is pretty close. I hope that will stop you from getting a 1000 watt amp with one 30 watt

Or a 1000 watt amp with 2 20 watts like this one..... lol

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