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I wanna upgrade my system BUT..

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I value my trunk space AND my backseats!! I wanna put in a sub or two and change out the stock speakers.

Anyone have any suggestions on where i could put the subs??
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I had 2 15'' L7s with a 15 watt Kicker amp drilled to the back of the took like 75% of the trunk but there was still room for other things back there...I dont travel much so it wasnt a big deal...the box was supppppppppper Heavy and getting back there was like firguring out a math problem...with trying diff angles and everything the end it was tons of bass I loved it... Id open the trunk and park somewhere and get complains all the time...but I feel that I grew out of that phase so I sold it all and am going for a single L7 (15") with a 1000watt drilled to it and it should be enough with still 80% of the trunk for other use... Door speakers are a Must if u add base...I would say Polk Audio is ur best bet...add a 4 ch amp to that for better results...thats my next project!!!!!!!
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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