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I was always tinkering with the idea of making a custom box that would fit in the spare wheel well. It would be flush with the trunk and take the least amount of space. A amp could be put anywhere along the wheel well area. Only con to this would be the loss of a spare tire.

I also though about putting two 8" subs in the back where a traditional 6x9 speaker would go. Since our speakers are located in the rear passenger side doors this would work. I have seen it done on but not sure what type of car had it done. It looked really good. I am sure any custom shop could do this.

I attached pics of both of my ideas so you can see what I am talking about. I just pulled these off Google image search.

ordersup - I also used Lanzar back in the day and I have to agree. They pounded really hard. Never had a problem with them. Had two 15's with a Lanzar opti-drive amp. Good quality equipment and they didn't get enough credit. After that I went with HiFonics. Of course that was back in the day (early-late 90's). Not sure how popular they are now.


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