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I wanna upgrade my system BUT..

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I value my trunk space AND my backseats!! I wanna put in a sub or two and change out the stock speakers.

Anyone have any suggestions on where i could put the subs??
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Honestly a sub that is cheap, and doesnt require much space at all, 1.25cu.ft. and hits real damn good, I have 2 of them and am hitting a 139db via TL, would be a 12" Lanzar MAX12D or MAX212D I forget which name they use but that sub pounds hard and doesnt require much space at all. There is this site I use, they have the best prices I have ever seen and carry seriously like every different brands of amps and subs and what not they have low end stuff and high end stuff and everything in between. I have dealt with them for about 5 years now and never once had a problem and recommend them to everyone because they have helped me a ton and everyone that has used them has never had a problem. PM me if you want their site, or email is usually how I do it cause their site they have been working on lately. and they carry everything too underglow, subs, amps, motor stuff.
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well if the mods don't mind, their site is BP Customs Autosport and their email is [email protected] they guy I usually go through is Mike, he's been my hookup there for a while, but there's like 5 or 6 other people they got there that are pretty cool, but he gets me good pricing. They use paypal so I know its secure and when I order, I have the stuff in like 1 or 2 days for just about anything. Let Mike know fast harry sent you, lol he calls me that, why...idk lol.
No problem.
There is pretty much the only place I actually trust with a/v stuff online and trust their prices, they have RF subs for like half of what you see them in stores from and are legit too. If I ever had a problem with them, I would say it, but honestly I have ordered everything in my car from them and never once had a hiccup and have recommended easily hundreds of people to them too from different forums and what not but have never had anyone with a problem with them.
When I started with them I was hesitent but they put everything up there that you need to know. Basically order what you want and you're set, just make sure it is what you want cause if its already shipped which like I said I get my stuff in like a day then they cant cancel the order.
If one of the mods want, try to talk to them to see if they will give a discount for members of forteforums if their mentioned on the site or something. I can try to get a hold of one of the guys too if anyone wants.

Example of their prices cause I am looking at getting a Jensen UV10 7" indash, they want $275 for it shipped brand new. For a RF Punch P2002 amp, they want $160. bestbuy wants $200 + tax and gas cause its like a 30mi one way trip for me to bestbuy. so i mean they are real good prices and whatnot. again if the mods want ill look into getting a discount for the forum. What do you guys think??
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Hey im down, see what you can hook us up with, maybe get them to be a vendor for us! We need an A/V vendor
How do I get them to be a vendor?
Do they have to be a member?
If I'm gonna do this, I need to know everything in one shot so I dont look like an a$$:confused: when they ask me something haha.
ecko yeah back in the day Lanzar was amazing, now they are still the same quality but with others coming out that are made specifically for SPL, you're right they don't get enough credit. Personally I have been using these 12s for over a year now and daily too, i hit daily probably 135 because I don't keep it all the way up, which would be 139 again all on a termlab so i mean a year of full abuse and not a single problem, no overheating, no distortion, nothing but great with these subs. especially for the deal bp customs autosport gave me on them there's no way anyone would complain.
got off the phone with them a couple of minutes ago and they are interested in being a vendor for us here and offering a discount for anyone on the forum too. forteforums get a hold of them so we can get discounts!!!! I talked to the owner over there, Chris, hes a real nice guy and has sponsorships too!! with the sponsorship they offer a real ddeeeeeeeepppp discount, so now I am officially sponsored by them, just waiting on the stickers to get in and the new season to start back up to help them how they helped me! these guys are awesome!
livereckless010 why don't you hit them up via email and see if they will sponsor you.
I believe all it is to be sponsored is to buy a certain amount from them and attend like 4 shows a year and a sticker with their site and logo on it you're good to go, oh and pix that you have their logo on your car and some sorta proof of shows, like when you register. so its not much at all, especially for the amount off . oh and lastly obviously the car cant be a hunker, it has to look decent in which yours does already so you should see what you can get.
please do not go with the "bass shakers" lol.
anything like that does not compare to what you could get with building your own box and saving room too.
Go with a shallow mount sub...kicker has some, kenwood, alpine, pioneer, basically every brand has shallow mount subs now, they require almost no space and you will be pleased with them too. check out because they are probably going to be a vendor of ours soon and will get you a discount, I am talking to the mods and setting everything up so please stick with a sub and box and no big boxey vibrators for under your seat lol.
That would work out nicely but my only issue is i dont really have very many car SHOWS around here, plenty of meet ups but no major shows.
well let them know that, maybe the will work with ya. hey to me, its worth a shot cause its more money saved ya know.
well, i think it depends on what music he listens to, how much room he is willing to sacrifice, how much bass/sq he wants and how much he is willing to spend. if you listen to rock you would want a sealed box, its more punchy and clear, if you listen to rap, go with ported its more bass but not as clean. if you want to conserve space, obviously go with a smaller sub, id go with a 10" sub and this way they wont need much space either way you go.
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