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Idea, what's your opinions

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For a while now i've been thinking about this and wondered if it will be good. Finally i photoshopped a picture of it. Below is the picture.
The whole idea is to have a lights in the diffuser kinda like a "truck tailgate bar". I was horrible at photoshopping it, but i can assure you that it will look less like a Xmas tree and more stylish.

Red LED= runnning lights
Yellow LED= Left turn signal
(maybe white leds for backing up)
(maybe extra red leds for brakes)

The leds i am thinking of using are either 5mm or 3 mm.

Also in the picture:

Red out tail light (do you think this is better or just get it tinted)
Tinted taillight (red vs. Tint. if tinted, then it will be film tint, not spray)
Debadged (koup and forte)
Debadges KIA (nearly impossible, not gonna do it, but i wanted to see how good/bad it would be)
Tinted rear windshield (photoshop tint, thinking of tinting soon. (debating 35% vs 20%)

Not in the picture:

Maybe leds for brakes behind the deflectors. (special thanks to FearTheFox for the great idea), i am just worried if drilling to get to them might crack them.

PArdon the horrible photoshopping. Every mod listed is photoshopped, this picture was the day i picked up my car. so its completely stock in here

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I have to agree with everybody else so far..
I'm not feeling the diffuser lights either... But please don't let us stop you if you like it, then do it
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