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Ideas for some body work....

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I'm sure some of you like myself, hate that ugly ass rear just doesn't go with the rest of the car. Looks like cheap plastic. I was contemplating an idea and bite off of heralterego a little. What of I bondo'd the rear defuser, made it smooth, then painted it ebony black to match the front bumper on my sx? Then also had the rear badge shaved off and filled in and made that smooth also. Sound good? It would probably run me around a few hundred dollars but i think it would be well worth it. What's all your opinions?

And I swear on all things holy, someone gives me a stupid opinion relating to HID's, exhaust, or rims....ill drop kick you in the nads!!! lol this is serious! Actually it would be good if someone can photo shop that for me I would really appreciate it!!
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I inquired about shaved KIA logo when car was in bodyshop...was told over $600 to do it filling in with metal and not bondo....So I can get a custom Billet badge made for less....

As for diffuser....just sand it down with a fine grit and add primer and paint....that should be bondo needed....

PS...Not sure what rims to get for my car any ideas? ;)
SHAVED BODY HANDLES. and maybe with a button to pop the door mounted under the mirror (like the russian TVR car)


or flush handles like the GTR

and get you some black mirrors , and maybe a black roof. But definitely black mirrors (they're like 30$ on ebay)
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and as for the shaved trunk, a member on here did it before on a red koup, here's the pics

BTW, it cost him 200$ to get it done
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Lol as long as they're not hids!!! I was thinking of doing the shaved door handle things too but door poppers sometimes fail and i don't want to be stuck in the rain! lol
I wonder would you have to get the whole trunk repainted or would it look any good with just that section cause that would cost a bit more, looks pretty good though!!
I'd go with the whole trunk, it's easier then trying to paint one spot an trying to make it match.
x2 for whole trunk.....I just had whole front bumper painted due to one small spot that was messed up. If I could shave my KIA emblem for $200 it would be gone for my roof and molding...$150 cash since car was already getting paint.
Now you got me looking at door poppers lol
Now you got me looking at door poppers lol

Told you it looks great, and if for some reason it fails, and its raining, just get in from the passenger side, or pop the trunk and take advantage of you fold down seats. (unless you're like 500lbs)
I got quoted $800 bucks at my buddies shop to shave the rear emblem but I figured it was because they mostly deal with Audi's, BMW's, and Porsche's. If you can find a better price I would go with that as far as body work. The rear diffuser, shaved handles, and anything else is meh. I think they all look pretty good, I wouldn't mess with them.

BTW, KIA you're posting mod stuff like everyday, are you robbing banks?
if you have a shitload of moeny laying around, then go to a good body shop, and get suicide doors. be unique.

Sucide doors are NOT RICEY
lambo doors ARE ricey
They have new poppers where you knock on the side of the door and the doors open up!!! Thats awesome!!!! Hahaha I hate my defuser!! Exertions I wax my car a little bit gets on there and it takes forever to get off! :(

As far as robbing banks....yes! But don't tell anyone! Lmao nah, part of my job in the winter is snow removal and it snowed like crazy here in NYC so I did 30 something days of 12 hour shifts. Lots of overtime!! It's so much so that they can't pay us it all at one shot so they give us a few one week, then some more another week. Plus it helps that I get paid weekly! Got to love working for the city!
You know how much fabrication it would take to do suicide doors? The price alone is Probably twice as much as lambo doors. Maybe I'll just do poppers! Nice clean door
There's another one where you program it. Say the password is 3 knocks, wait a second, then another knock, then the door opens lol
hahah that's great
There's another one where you program it. Say the password is 3 knocks, wait a second, then another knock, then the door opens lol
I had suicide doors on my '34 Ford. No biggie, suicide doors were stock on 1934 Fords :). No door handles - they were opened by electric solenoids using a remote. Your knock comment reminded me of a stunt I would occasionally pull at cruise nights. Invariably at some point someone (usually a young lady) would ask me how do I open the doors. I would say they are voice operated. Usually they would be sceptical. I'd tell her to just say 'open door'. She would say 'open door'. Nothing would happen. I'd say Oh, first you have to let it know you're talking to it - say ''34, open door". When she did I'd press the remote hidden in my hand. It was always good for a chuckle, especially from the boyfriend/husband.

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Haha that's hysterical.... And that is a hot car!!!
Keep in mind bondo doesn't flex as much as plastic. It will end up just crumbling off. Your best bet, as stated previously is to sand the pattern off of the diffuser.
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