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ideas on new body kits or cosmetic parts??

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Ive been asked by a company to go around and ask what would you guys like as far as body kits, and other cosmetic parts for the forte! right now they are in the process of making a grill for the koup which will be out in about a month. i was thinking front lip, and maybe some side skirts, new style hood. any ideas will be relayed to them. use your imagination people and get back to me!

below is the style of grill they are making. this one is for the genisis but it will be the same style. color matched also if you want.
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would like a lip like the sx r package
hahaha i just emailed them with the same exact thing! everything should be made of fiberglass if im not mistaken! any more ideas, let me know, ill tell them. they just started making in house parts so we sould see new things coming soon!
I want new bumpers lol!!
Well stop crashing into things!!! Lol i told em a whole body kit with front and rear bumper replacements. That would be good!
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