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I've had my SX sedan for two weeks now so I checked my mileage while I was on a trip to the ocean this week. So we're talking probably 2/3s highway and 1/3 low speed resort town running around to get meals and whatnot. So my trip to the beach and running around got me 31.64 mpg. Then I filled up for the trip home and then filled up again near home so this segment was probably 95% highway. For that segment I got a whopping 38.24 mpg. And this is not a broken in motor. I've only got 740 total miles on the car right now. Needless to say, I'm impressed and very happy with these results.

I know that when breaking in a new motor you're supposed to vary the rpms and not drive at a constant steady rate. So on that first leg of the trip where I got 31.64 mpg, I was getting on the gas every 4 or 5 minutes till the trans dropped down to 4th and the rpms went up to 3000 or more. That's not any good for mileage numbers, so considering that I was running the motor up and not driving at a steady 70 mph, I'm quite pleased with the 31.64. On the 2nd leg of the trip when I got 38.24 I didn't worry so much about the rpms and just drove normal.
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