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Injen intake buyers beware

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I just recieved my intake for the 2.4 6 speed. To my disappointment it didn't fit my sedan because the fog light was in the way. No mention of it in the installation instructions or any of the item descriptions on any of the sites I was browsing. Not sure if this is a issue with the koups or not, but sedan buyers beware.
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Last time I looked the Injen ad stated their intake was for the 2.0 Forte -- the one you bought was it for the 2.4?
yeah, got emails from injen assuring me that it would fit
part number for the 2.4 is sp1321
yeah, got emails from injen assuring me that it would fit
Sad to say but my experience in calling people or e-mailing people about a product hasn't been very beneficial. They usually have NO CLUE about what they are talking about...they just read some printed data on an item but don't really know anything about it (never actually used OR installed one). They're just sales people.

It is possible that the tube you got was/is for the SP1320 -- 2.0 only!?!
not 100% sure... the box says 2.4 6 speed.... but who knows
You should of gone with tk cai what made you go with injen? We all know tk put his cai to the test dyno results time and effort to make it correct. You should get a refund.
Read this thread (specifically this post), this person had to remove their fog light permanently to use the injen intake.. lol
Thats injen for you lol p.s. Did he take a pic of the good side to hide other foglight :p
Wow, what an inconvenience. Hope you're able to get a refund.
i ran into the same problem! there is nothing you can do but they put down the most power with it.... u win some u loose some haha
Wow way to bump tk lol an intake is an intake so someone muffed this at injen
You guys gotta stop throwing your money at companies that develop 1 product and then walk away from a market. And support the guys who are pioneering it :cool:

Where is Injen's back to back DYNOs, video and development pictures to prove their HP gains? Our #s are at the wheels make sure you are comparing apples to apples. We had one car (a Sedan w/ Fogs *LOL) make a 10WHP gain on the DYNO! That's close to 13+ HP at the flywheel.

Anyway, off my soap box. Have a great weekend peeps

P.S. The customer called and ordered our Intake instead and it shipped out within minutes.

i ran into the same problem! there is nothing you can do but they put down the most power with it.... u win some u loose some haha
Yeah ftw. gonna get a full refund for the injen intake, still waiting for the response from injen though.....
just fyi, i got the injen cai on my sx. it fit just fine. but its a koup. no need to remove the foglight or anything. sorry tk, wanted to order yours but this was a gift from the wifey. ive always used injen in the past so thats all she knew to get. lol. sure better then getting a tie tho. lmao
TK's is the way to go! Directions are awesome, parts fit perfectly and the performance gains are very noticeable! And as a plus with easy highway driving I have noticed a MPG gain! Its a win win!
i want to hear what the injen intake sounds like.. someone should post a video!

what about you skee?
I have a question.....Does K&N not make a CAI for the Forte? If so, why not go with a company that is guaranteed to put out a top of the line product? I also have a question about the Turbo Kits CAI.....What brand of parts is it constructed of?
K&N what turbokits uses the pipe was fab from scratch. The design and quality is just rite. My 2 cents no one has come close to what turbokits has done making it just perfect from fitment to performance. 10hp 10 ft. Tq cant beat that and o yea theres dyno sheets too
TK's Intake is great.

I'm not 100% on this (so lets not start a flame war of false claims without proof) but I believe the reason why TK's fits with the fog light and not Injen is because of the filter.

I do have TK's CAI and I see that the filter is a cylinder flat top type, it measure ~5'' tall and ~5" wide. Now I do not have the measurements of a typical 3'' opening cone filter but im pretty sure it's larger/wider/taller at some points than the 5'' TK has.

OP try using a smaller cone filter or cylinder filter, if that does not work try cutting a little off your Injen and im sure with proper measurements + cuts + smaller filter you'll be able to get your CAI with fogs installed no problem.
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