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Installing SubWoofer guide please?

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Just want to install a subwoofer on my Koup and wonder if any one has a guide or what and how they installed their Sub Woofer.
Didi you used any converter for the low signal rca or something..where did you wired the wires for the Amp and Sub..from the peaker in the back or direct from the radio..

Any guide of help will be very nice ! :):):):)
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It all depends on what you want and how much power you are going to use and where you are going to put it.
Im curious of the same thing, im just gonna add 2 10 inch subs to the trunk, where would the signal come from? would you have to splice into one of the other speaker cables? or is there a dedicated out on the back of the head unit?
I really dont want a super powre but at least something about 300 watt full bass..something chill...not to make my ears go peeping.

any one any guide or something.
I have install all my radios in my cars . They have been pretty much easy . If they are factory radios then you need a high /low pass converter . I think installing a sub on this car will be a small challenge because of that specific tool needed to get to the head unit . After market radios have been alot easier specially the ones with the rca outputs.
a line out converter is needed for installing with a factory deck ( ) looks for the most part like that.... you have two choices on where you want to wire this in, other behind the deck splicing into your speaker wires to get a signal, or second is going from the rear speakers.... both options have there pros and cons for trying to get at the wires so pretty much flip a coin lol you also need to tie in your remote wire to a 12V AUX source, something that only turns on when your car is on.... i went into the fuse box and used a fuse splitter... there are a few different styles of theses so really personal preference at that point

after that the sub install is straight forward.. just like any other sub install
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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