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Hey guys I'm new on the forums and saw and read all the different types of intake set ups u guys used, even the turbokits cai kit, and I was gonna ask wouldn't the stock intake system from the factory be the must efficent one out there? Since the koup sx has a ram air and there's actual air being ramed in under wind pressure and also the ecu gets full cooling and the air filter is incased in the airbox so no engine heat would be sucked thru the intake? Just my thoughts guys.
First off Welcome. And as for the intake system....Aftermarket intakes provide a less constrictive air flow to the engine. Also the factory intake system will not be as loud as the aftermarket ones that are available. There are dyno sheets showing an increase in horsepower for aftermarket intakes. I am not an engineer and don't claim to be but the dyno doesn't lie!!!!! Not to mention they look better IMO. Hope this helps.
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