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So I was taking the front end off the car so I could send my lower grill to Tom at G&M Performance and I discoverd something. The lower grill plastic mesh is not molded to the actualy lower grill like it is on the top grill. I think for those looking to do a cheap badgless grill mod you should be able to buy that piece and with a litte creative dremel tool action you could have a sweet grill. I am not sure if Fas used this on hers. I am not sure she gave away her secret of how she did it but this would be SUPER easy to do in my opinion. check out the pic to see how perfect it is. if you cut out the top grill mesh you could shape the bottom grill mesh to fit. Its hard to tell by the picture because its from the back but the lower grill is actually bigger than the top. You would have plenty to work with.

P.S. Fas if this is how you did it and I gave away your secret sorry : )

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