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Had a few days of nice warm sunny & sometimes windy weather.

It was nice enough to catch up & finish some spray painting some parts with rattle can spray paint.

Carpet, floor mats, rear bumper cover valance/diffuser, rear bumper metal holders, rear bumper crash bar precision painting (plastic & not pictured) & rear bumper styrofoam cushion. View attachment 81468
This past exterior season kicked my a$$. Some of it had to do with having to fire my employee mid season. At the end of the day I often just wanted to collapse. Sometimes I was ready to call it a day after only 5 hours of work.

I already have about 4 exteriors lined up for next year, but I am seriously considering telling any other potential customers that call me with exterior work no thank you or at the very least avoid any house that require more than a 20 foot ladder.

So, wondering how others have transitioned to interior only. I make a lot of money with the exterior work and right now I doubt that interior only would allow me to do as well financially.
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