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Had a few days of nice warm sunny & sometimes windy weather.

It was nice enough to catch up & finish some spray painting some parts with rattle can spray paint.

Carpet, floor mats, rear bumper cover valance/diffuser, rear bumper metal holders, rear bumper crash bar (plastic & not pictured) & rear bumper styrofoam cushion.

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No it doesn't. I've painted them a few times. It's the same process when one uses "carpet paint" aka spray paint.

I used to use "carpet paints" on the fleet vehicles when they were at a certain yr, use, milage. I'd get them ready, detailed cleaned up, repaired, fluids changed & any other type of fixes & repairs.

All rental vehicles are prepared, fixed & sent to private/dealers automotive auctions.

You can use any spray paint on just about any surface.

Now, there's at Autozone, O'Reilly's, advanced auto parts, Pepboys, Napa, Walmart over the counter "carpet paints"

It's called/labeled vinyl & fabric.

Its basically the same spray paints/rattle cans. Krylon, Rustoleum, Dupli Color & Walmart brand.

The only difference is some are designed to actually adhere to plastics/smooth surfaces without any adhesion promoter & those mediums aren't cheap.

Adhesion promoter should be used even when using expensive automotive paints.

I just went to Walmart & used flat black Walmart brand on floor pan carpet, floor mats, rear bumper anchors, rear bumper crash bar.

Krylon matte black for the trunk (not in pics) liner covers.

Krylon matte black on the A pillars, center pillars & rear pillars. Pillars used to be the beige/tan (as the headliner in pic) color & I despised the stains & having to clean it every time some new didn't know to keep their hands away from the headliner & pillars. I don't allow anyone in my cars with food in their hands & drinks. Throw that crap out or kick rocks.

The headliner was the worse condition from previous owners. Sick of seeing it heavy stained with sodas, coffee oils & food. 馃が. Bought black 7ft headliner fabric material & 3M headliner adhesive spray. The headliner was a pitas due to you CAN'T BEND it or it break & cause sagging & eventually fall, fabric & board. Also having the sun/moon roof. Being a small space, it's a wiggling & angles that help take the headliner in & out.

Rustoleum gloss black was for the rear bumper cover diffuser.

Looks so much better

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went online to suggested by a Forte member (sorry I can't remember you but thank you for site) went input the color code & ordered the materials. These parts were sun damaged faded & just worth off the paint.

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The engine cover, the sun/moon roof assembly have been painted since 2018 still look good.

The interior trim pieces, side mirror covers & door handles I painted titanium silver metallic still look good.

Headliner awesome. I even headlined the sun visors too. Painted the plastics on sun visors mat black.

I'll take some pics. There's been rains, drizzling alot. Daylight dosen't last long.

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The New black headliner & 3M headliner adhesive I installed.

Also headlined the sun visors (main plates) & adhesion promoted then Krylon matte black the plastics, vanity mirriors, retainers & holders.


Adhesion promoter then Krylon matte black front, center & rear pillars/panels.

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Titanium silver metallic (paint code:IM) spray paint from (suggested by a Forteforums member & thank you) painted the HVAC vents & clear coated. The center HVAC vents are painted as well. Just holding off until I can get a small amp installed & phase out the speakers properly.
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