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I used to have an iPhone 3GS, and I recall being able to watch a Youtube video, play Pandora Radio, or listen to other audio while connected to Kia's proprietary dock connector, and I would be able to listen to the audio through my speakers. Any app that output audio while connected to my Koup would naturally do it right through my Kia speaker system.

I now have an iPhone 4 with the latest iOS 4.2.1, and I can no longer play audio from other applications. It seems that any time another app attempts to make use of audio, the audio stops and it goes back to the iPod audio stream. I can't tell if it's the radio preventing this from happening, the phone's OS, or even if my cable is somehow defective.

Specifically, I'd like to listen to Rhapsody or Pandora Radio in my car as opposed to the iPod, and it used to be completely possible. Now, if I try to play audio from one of these apps, my iPod music will stop for a moment, then start playing again a few seconds later (as if the other app tries to play and then is rejected).

An easy way to test if yours is experiencing my same symptoms:
1. Connect your iPhone to your Forte and let it begin playing your iPod music.
2. While music is playing, open iTunes and tap a song to preview it.
>> On mine, the playback will dance back and forth between the song preview and the iPod music.

If it helps, other devices such as iHome-style speaker sets will output any audio just fine like I've described.

Any help, guidance or input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! :)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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