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Ipod bay cover

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Are you tired of looking down to that open eye sore of your ipod bay? Well, several days ago a fellow Forte Forum member posted his idea for a console cover. This thread inspired me to create my own version. I constantly look down and think, "Wow! It would be so cool if that was covered!" Instantly I had a mental image of what I wanted and how it would perform. I had an idea of it being gloss black like on the radio console, but flip open like the sunglasses case. Now that I am incredibly excited to get this idea into the real world I realize I have never fabricated anything like this before. Sooooo I say who cares lets make a mess.:D

Bay Cover 1.0
This is just in the R&D phase:
The cover must curve with the console
Must auto open
Must have push lock/push open magnet
Must be Gloss black to match interior
I used a template, dremel tool, heat gun


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Obviously I'm still working on it, but give it a few days and I'll have something functional and aesthetically pleasing.
Wow, can't wait to see the finished product!!! :) Looks awesome man!
Looks like a much more complicated version of what mine was. Hope it all works out though. Looks like it should be sweet.

The only issues I came across was with the actual tilting up as the centre upright part of the console has a curve down on it and gets in the way of a decent opening lid unless you also put a curve in it to compensate.

Look forward to seeing your results though.
Keep us posted
Thanks y'all there are many problems that are going to come up like the sufficient room to tilt up. I'll have something in a few days, but I know whatever I have I'll be changing soon after. I don't have a garage so its a little harder/ slower to finish this. But with all of the functionality problems I have to consider aesthetics as well. Hmmm function or appearance?????? Now I know how Steve Jobs felt with the Ipod4 lol

Great work cant wait to see the finished product.

After a lot of trial and error and scrapping ideas I FINALLY came to something that appears to work. I am making it out of Plexiglas and using a heat gun to mold the plastic. Like BMCERATO said, it is hard to make it tilt properly. What I did was place the plastic cover over the bay and heated it and mold it by hand to fit. I played with many different ways to get the cover to move with hinges and after about 10 trials I came to one that works. I have it mounted to my counter in my apt for right now just to test it. I am using two dummy clips as stand ins and it is being held down by a magnet. I just push down on the magnet and it pops up to where I could slightly tug on it to pop it open. When in the bay it is flush with the console and the pushing of the magnet brings up to make a lip. I plan on covering the plexi with high gloss vinyl (cause I accidentally scratched it several times).


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u should sell the idea to the company lol...good work
hey did you ever find a place to get vinyl at?
hey did you ever find a place to get vinyl at?
Found some on ebay that sells per square foot. Which is good cause I don't need a lot of vinyl.
So I painted the cover for right now and just placed it in the ipod bay. Tomorrow I will attach the hing mechanism and magnet latch and then it will be functional. This is how it looks so far. Sorry for the pics it was late and lighting was bad.


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make me one??
lolz dude. you need to start takin orders
i would definitely buy that
hey man if it works good let me know ill buy one.
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