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iPod Cable??

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I want to start being able to use my iPod in my Forte, but I was wondering.. should I just get a standard AUX cable or should I opt for the special iPod cable that is used in the Fortes?

I tried my regular iPod-computer cable, and I was able to control the iPod through the radio, but I want to be able to control it on the iPod itself. I know I can do that utilizing an AUX cord, but what exactly does the iPod cable do (control on iPod or radio, and does it charge iPod at the same time?)? Thanks!

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The Kia issued adapter doesnt allow you to control the iPod from the device itself instead you have to control it from the stereo. The upside is you see the artist name and song title correctly and accessing your playlists is a little easier.


I played with the Kia issued adapter a little and found if you left it half way plugged into the iPod (if that makes sense) you can control the device through the iPod itself instead of having to use the stereo. The only problem with that is the artist name and song title won't show correctly on the radio interface. Try this with your standard auxillary cord and it may do the same thing.
Yes it makes perfect sense, I see what you mean. Yea I was thinking with the AUX cord I can control it on the iPod itself but may not see the artist-song name, which is fine. I think I'll buy an AUX cord instead of the Kia adapter. Thanks for the quick reply!
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