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is there a way to control my music trough my Ipod ?

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just got the aux usb wire , im still trying to control my music trough my ipod instead of the deck , is there a way ?
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my question is, do the names of the songs come up on the stereo display when you use the actual cord for the car
Yes. The OEM Kia auxillary cable will display the artist and song when connected to your iPod.

i have the aux ipod wire , but i want to know if can control it from my ipod and not the the car's deck ? anybody have a idea ?
Noodile says that if it's jailbroken you can, I'm not familiar with that method though. I have found that if you plug the connection into the iPod, let it connect to the vehicle, and then barely unplug it (keep it plugged in but have the connection a little loose, if that makes sense), you will be able to control using the iPod directly but you will not be able to use the stereo deck or steering wheel controls. It will also not display the artist and song on the stereo display.
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