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2010 Forte SX 2.4L 6-speed Manual
Does anyone know of a way to signal/initiate a test actuation of the intake manifold runner control module without owning an Autel Maxisys or similar piece of expensive OBDII test equipment? I currently use Torque Pro with a generic ELM327 bluetooth OBDII interface, so does anyone know of either an android/PC app that will allow you to send test actuations to specific system components without breaking the bank?
Or conversely, is there a built-in test procedure like BMW has where you can "boot" the car into a "test mode" and use in-cabin controls to test various components? For instance, in my 2005 BMW 325xi I can use a specific key-turn sequence to put the car into test mode and I can then use the Odometer/clock toggle switch to move through a menu on the digital readout on the dashboard and select individual components to run a test mode on, so I was curious if something similar might exist for first-gen Forte's; so if anyone knows of such a function, I would greatly appreciate any and all information you might have on how to use it!
If there is not a built-in test mode, are there any ELM327 compatible Android apps or PC programs that will allow the sending of test commands, and if there's NOT an ELM327 compatible avenue for running component tests, is there an acceptable or recommended OBDII dongle/program combo or kit that will allow you to send test commands from a phone or laptop in the sub-$150 range (like what used to be called "break out boxes")?
Thank you for any and all information you might have!
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