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Is this normal?

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About 1100 miles ago, I installed a catch can from Sxth element, and this is what I caught today. Mostly gasoline and water, and little oil. I did not expect this much in the blowby. My GT only has 3538 miles, so almost new. Has anyone else have similar results?
Also, when I was driving home from work this morning, I smell faint amount of gasoline after 20 miles (which is the distance of my one way trip)
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The photo in the original post doesn't look normal to me at all. My oil catch can has always caught oil. I just emptied mine after a few thousand miles (not really sure, just a guess since I don't empty it that often). I have a 2014 Forte5 Ex with 62,000 miles now. I've had a Tork Motorsports tune since May 2019 (at 49,000 miles). I added my catch can at the same time I had the tune done.
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