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Iz it just me..or has anyone else noticed....

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I've had my sedan for about 3 weeks it's still fun to wipe it down and take care of it until ole man winter beats the sh*t out of it.:)

Anyway...grab ahold of the edge of the front bumper....right in front of the wheel and start wigglin'..... I thought something was loose...but I felt back, there's one screw above the wheel fastening the liner to the fender...and that's it...!!!! From there one plastic piece keeps snapping to another, but nothing is really fastening any of this stuff to the metal, frame, or whatever. :confused:

I was actually rubbing wax on this section when I felt the whole thing moving in and out...then a little of the liner popped out and I pushed it back in....but nothing's really holding most of this plastic wheel housing, bumper trim stuff together on the front of the car...!!! It just hangs there..!!!:eek:

I know the Kia is trying to keep costs down....but come least use about 50 of those "pain in the a** plastic rivets" to hold the front firm..!!!My 07' Sedona is battened down like an aircraft carrier...:confused:
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ya i thought the same. the front corners of my front bumper wiggle when i dry them after washing. i took it to the dealer that day and asked them to check it cuz its insanely wiggly and they took a look at it and even brought me into the garage and showed me everything is ok. i came from a 09 completely stock focus and not 1 part of the car was like that BUT i love this car.... kinda of a give and take i suppose
Same thing got me thinking when I washed my car the first few times. It really wiggles a lot.
You are correct, here are only the 2 metal screws that actually hold the bumper to the fenders. There are 6 plastic fasterners on the bottom of the bumper that attach it to the plastic wheel well guards and 4 above the grill. There are plastic clips between the bumper and the fenders and a couple of tabs under the headlights. This is all that holds the front clip on.
2 - metal screws
10 - plastic fasteners
2 - plastic clips
2 - metal tabs

See a video here on removing the bumper.
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