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i know internet boards have been around for a long time........
protocol and stuff is pretty well established.

in a forum like this -
rather than toss out a........
"read the manual"
"ask the salesman"
"ask the dealer"
"ask the repair guy"
"search the site"
etc etc.......

let someone give an answer to the question posed.
perhaps the poster did all of the above- and either got conflicting information or just didnt quite understand the answer - so they posted a question here hoping for a different interpretation (or a guiding hand)-
and if ......there is no other alternative- then point the poster to the dealer,salesman,manual, etc......

seems we are quite passionate about these cars-
can't we allow that enthusiasm to spill over to the people shopping for one or that already has one that isnt quite at the same happy stage you are?

and before anyone labels me as a whiney woo woo-
i've been a 911/police dispatcher for the last 23 years....
thin skin- i have not.

still shopping for the car i want- still getting the runarounds from the sales people........
so what is going on?
why can't i find a black koup SX w/leather and sunroof as an auto?
funny story- one dealer told me all the SE's come stock with sunroof....
(true or not?)

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Typical forum protocols have been established over the years for a reason though. If you've searched and found a relevant post that doesn't quite answer the question, respond to that rather than a new thread.

By "SE" I presume you mean "SX"...yes they can only be had with a sunroof in the Koup. Despite what Kia's site indicates.

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To answer your question. All SX models do indeed come with a sunroof, it is not an option to not have one. The EX models can be had with or without a sunroof.

In answer to the availability. I live in Ontario and just got a black Koup SX in standard purchased from a quite large dealership and it had to be imported from Korea and I could tell the Manager there had to pull quite a few strings to get it. It took about 5 weeks for the car to be delivered. Remember the color Koup that you are looking for is one of the top, if not the top demanded color for many car models. On top of this many Coupe models of cars, including this one I presume are 70-80% manufactured with a standard transmission. I would imagine that locating an automatic SX Koup in black would be an extremely difficult thing without having it factory ordered. Have you talked to your dealer about this possibility? I know it's frustrating but supply in demand can be a real pain in the ass sometimes lol.

Hope this helps.

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argh- yes- i meant SX in the 2nd part ......
(typing on coffee table vs typing on computer at work- serious angle diffs....that and watching tv at same time and thinking of my current car which is an SE....but not a kia)

and yes- i understand the typical protocols- but i've been online since years and years ago- and i've see how snarkness vs a moment of silence vs a gentle nudge can go-
i am just saying-
yes- if the same person posts the same thing over and over again in diff areas- then ok- bust on him.
but a single question/post in a single thread- a nudge or two might help
after all- they are not as old as some of

and btw nouse4aname-
that reminds me of one of my sigs......

no name/no slogan
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