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Just An Idea

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Yes or No--Comments welcome
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yes or no--comments welcome
eh, I say pass...if you really like it, I think it might look better on the quarter panel
I just don't think it adds to the appearance of the car. It looks too tacked on. Maybe the SX5 in black lettering to match the pinstriping.
put it onthe quater panel.. near the door, and about knee height, so it kind of looks stock
Thanks K I A . Since you are pretty good with this kind of thing. Would you suggest doing one long pinstripe .Unlike the Koup the body line on the 5 door line up. Or two lines like other pic....Again thanks man...

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see how it would look right under that crease near the hood, and dont ask me about pinstriping... i despise it lol me and pin stripes dont mix
yeah i had my dealer remove the stock pin stripe. yuck!
Put it where I have my "Koup" emblems...LoL


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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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