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Just finished many LED footwells

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Just finished my LED footwells

I'm as rookie as it gets but I think it looks great. I had my daughter climb in under the dash to mount them. :D

Black Red Light Automotive lighting Automotive design

Red Vehicle Car Steering wheel Automotive design

Should say "Just finished my LED footwells"
Sorry for the typo.
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You two make a great team. Good job! Also, I'm jealous.
Looks great brysclar ... where did you buy your led kit from ?
Very nice. I just have LED Strips with the interior but plan on going this route to make it brighter. I need to find smaller person to help with the install because it definitely sucks trying to contort the body to get under there
Nice! Do a how to. I need this mood, and it can be a project I can do with my daugther.
Where did you tap the switched power from? at light or switch?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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