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Just got the LED Mirrors!

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Here are a few early shots... I have only done one side as of now--the rain has kept the bird in the hangar.


Mirror "covers" side by side--

Side View (Indoors)--

One more--

Let me know what you think...
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Зачётные зеркала получились!!! RuleZZZZZZZZ!!!
Black on red looks pretty cool :cool:
How much?
can you put some info for others?
thx a million
Can you post pics with the turn signal on.

I like them though! a lot slicker
Hey Guys--I am taking the night off tonight but will be back at this tomorrow. I plan to hook up the Under mirror lights tomorrow and take pics with the blinkers on.

As for how much I got the 3 way mirror covers. Please be advised, that unlilke my sorento these are just the front covers and not the whole mirror. I was able to get the cover off with removing the mirror lense. They cost 150 on ebay for the 3 way.

I am attaching the instructional pics for your review.

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Mirrors are on...

The mirrors are on!

I elected to do just the 1-way setup for now due to the fact that I didn't have a good hole saw for the under LED mount. I will post pics tomorrow after I clean up the ride from the road trip today. I am up in LA right now getting the top blacked out.
The stock ones looks better. Those aftermarket ones do not make the car look better at all.
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