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Just my luck... rear bumper ding / scratches - advice needed!

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Hey guys,

Just got my brand new Koup not even a week ago...and as my luck would have it, someone's already reversed into my car in a parking lot and not left a note or anything.

I'm looking for some advice on the subject. The damage itself is very minor and hard to see until the light catches it, but there is a small ding in the bumper and some scratches also. People have told me to just "live with it", and maybe I would if this had happened 3 or 4 years down the road, but the car is 6 days old!

It's my first car so I'm not really sure about the best way to go about getting it repaired...

1.) Is it possible to remove a ding from a plastic bumper, or will the entire thing have to be replaced?
2.) What is the usual turnaround time on a small repair like this?
3.) Should I be taking it to my dealer's body shop? Or a 3rd party one? I'm hesitant to go to a 3rd party one since the likelyhood of them having the correct paint to match mine is unlikely, or is that not true?
4.) What is the most I should be paying for a repair like this?
5.) If I get it repaired, should I expect it to look brand new, or will there likely be visible repair work done on it?

Edited for picture, you can't really see the ding there, but you can see the minor scratches (no, not the black powerlines in the reflection :p):

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well, if its bad enough for you and the deductible isnt too bad for your insurance, i'd say call it in and get it fixed. same happened to me but it was a truck and his/her trailer hitch went into the rear diffuser and they left too. i didnt call it in tho because that particular part is 60 bucks and i could install it myself and my deductible for a hit and run like that is 200 dollars so it would have been pointless. the paint scratches can be touched up and i know that there are some products out there that can get dings out. not sure how legit they are tho haha but i totally feel you. mine got hit 2 days after i received my plates

p.s. im not sure if your dealer has a body shop but none of the kia ones here do so they outsource the work somewhere else so i would take it to a place you know does a good job for repairs
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I ran over a cement block and crushed my bumper (there is a pic of it on my profile), and the bumper cover itself is like 200 bucks, but it looks like yours could be repaired. I suggest taking it its a KIA body shop and have them give you an estimate before you decide on anything.
Thanks for the replies guys. My insurance deductible is $500 so it's really not worth going through them...and yes, my KIA dealer has a paint/body shop at their location. I'll take it in next Monday and see what they say.
it's best to go to the dealer bodyshop because of your blue colour... it's the most difficult koup colour to blend...
Get a cool bumper sticker and cover it up - out of sight out of mind.
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