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Just wondering...

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Lets say a Turbo Kit gets made for the Koup 1st before the Forte (Sedan) will it fit on the sedans just the same as it would a Koup? There might already be a turbo out there so if anyone knows it would help... Thanks!Also somthing else I been wondering, If I were to take the door panel off the back doors is there a way to remove somthing stopping the window from comming all the way down instead of half way? Not sure if anyone else has tried this yet...Thanks!!!!!
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no. there is no turbo kit out for the Forte, sedan or koup. and I believe you can't bring down the window any further down, because of the shape of the door.
The engine compartments are the same between the Koup and Sedan...what fits the sedan will fit the Koup.

and no, you can't lower the window down all the way because of the door's shape -- lots of cars have this now.
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