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Designers aren't usually the most vocal members of an automaker, but when you're Peter Schreyer and Kia is relying on your innovative designs to rebrand the company, well, you've got a lot of clout. And Schreyer isn't shy about letting people know.

In the past, Schreyer has indicated his interest in designing a low-cost rear-wheel drive convertible for Kia, and when asked recently about progress on the project he was particularly evasive – something the folks at Drive seem to think indicates such a car is in the planning stages.

In the past Schreyer has spoken openly about his love for the Miata and how he thinks Mazda capitalized on the car, branding the rest of the product lineup as a performance-minded group of cars. A similar concept would make sense for Kia as the Korean automaker is attempting to do the same, promoting Kia as the sporty side, while Hyundai is marketed as the more luxurious side.

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