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Hi everyone,

I'm having an acceleration issues as well. I need your opinion. It has it's good days and bad days.. I drive a 2014 KIA forte EX.. It only has 1000 some miles on it. I got it brand new.

When I slightly accelerate, the rpm seems to get stuck at 2000 or 2500 for a couple of seconds maybe like 6-8.. Then it quickly jumps to 3000 and the pressure on the pedal is still the same... Especially when I'm trying to pass someone on the freeway I end up almost fully throttling it coz it seems to lag on picking up the speed and the rpm doesn't coordinate with what I'm trying to do.. Then it gets stuck and there's a loss of power..

Yesterday when i was driving uphill going to school... My car didn't let me go pass 35 mph! My car felt very heavy and it struggled a lot. The rpm was stuck between 2000-2500. Everyone flew by me! Finally when I got to the top, there was a bad smell coming from the hood... Thought my hood was going to overheat, thankfully it didn't.. I used to drive a 03 corolla and it ran better on the same hill with no struggle at all...

Any advice will be appreciated!
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