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My forte was running fine for the first thousand miles until I ran into a problem with my accelerator. I barely had to press on the accelerator to have the rpm get passed 3000 but while I was driving recently, I noticed that i needed to gas the accelerator all the way down in order for me to get to even 3000 rpm. It feels and sounds like the engine is being overworked but the car accelerates very slowly and there is a delay in response time. Before this problem the car ran perfectly fine. The car now just stays at 2000 rpm and doesnt go any higher unless i gas it all the way. But when i tried to drive it in tiptronic, i noticed that it drives normally but the problem only occurs when its on drive. Does anyone know of this problem? Any feedback would be of great help. Thank you.
If you can't get it over 3000 rpm it's probably in "Limp Mode", get it to the dealer right away!

Limp Mode kicks in if the computer detects a major malfunction and restricts the rpm to 3000 but still lets you "Limp" the car in for service.
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