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Who should win Forte of the Month - December?

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Welcome to the Kia Forte of the Month thread for the month of December.

The contest will work like this:

December 1st - December 23rd will be open for submissions. Post your pictures in this thread of your own car only.

From December 23rd to December 31st a poll with chosen entered submissions will be added and all members are asked to vote on their favorite Forte. The person with the most votes at the end of the month will then be the winner for the December!!

Month of January - the December car of the month will be featured on the homepage of

If you have won in the previous 3 months, feel free to post your car again but you will be ineligible to win again.

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My Forte to this point

Ok so far what I have done is..

Added a sound system 2 - 12'' Kicker L7s 2008 edition
1- 1500 watt Kicker Mono block amp
Blue neon lights in the Trunk to light it up.

10K HID headlights

Changed badges and emblems all around the car. Moved the "Forte" badge to the middle of the trunk under "Kia" emblem.

18'' Rims with Brand new falcon tires.

Limo Tint on back windows and Street Legal on fronts.

LED licence Plate lights

Blacked out Tail lights (Break lights and signal is still visible)

Comming up this week, Million kit LED underbody neon set with wireless
*4 channel amp for door speakers
*Kicker door speakers


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Yes , I also liked the Emblem choices I had for this car. I even found a site that makes custom ones for you. (Using your pictures, or Own Text) and make it the right oval shape for Kias or any car for that matter.
What's the site?

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Well as im sure youve already figured out, Start by opening the trunk (aint calling you dumb or anything, just a starting point for 1st timers trying this haha)

The screws should just unscrew to a certain point then u pop them out from there. Once removed you will see the lights and just light headlights rotate them and pull they should come out...

just a pointer...let the light bulbs cool off haha
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