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Kia Meet At Anaheim Mitsubishi Autumn Fest Sept. 25th

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Calling all Kia's!!! I am one of the event coordinators for this meet.. This meet is open to all cars and everyone is welcomed although it's at a Mitsubishi dealership... Let's get a list to see how many Kia's will be representing at this meet.. Anyone has questions about this meet just message me. Thanks! :)

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I'm in! Assuming I don't have to work...
Oh, I think I will have to make it to this.
Can't wait to see you guys there...

so whos going???
im thinking about going even though ill have just started school in san diego. im also trying to bring my friend who has a koup as well.
awww damn this sucks I requested the 26 beacuse I have something to do that day, I can't ask for the 25 too, damn this meet sounds good I would go but i can't, take pics guys and post them guys
Check It Out!! These are a couple of items we will be raffling off at the event... Who wants a desk set or R/C Car?? :D

R/C Car Retail Value:$150

Desk Set Complete Retail Value:$1000
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As of now, I'm still going! That desk set is sweet looking, it'd look great in my "mancave" and match my car as well. haha
Definitely going to this, no work this weekend! Who wants to convoy up from the south (Oceanside, San Diego)?
There better be an arse-load of pics taken at this, since I can't make it. Haha.

Hopefully by the time the next meet goes down, I'll at least have my windows tinted, so I'm not rolling to a meet with a bone-stock Koup :)
i will be there!! i was able to get the day off
Anyone else besides me and Casco88 going for sure?
anyone in the san fernando valley (chatsworth) going really want to convoy with somebody
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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