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I'll agree with most- the dealer is important, but KIA dealerships are starting to pop up everywhere. Plus, you might find crappy service at a number of other dealerships- not just KIA, so don't get too worked up over this.

Before buying, I did a LOT of research and side-by-side comparisons with other cars and honestly, nothing held a candle to the Forte. The closest bang-for-the-buck was the Mazda 3, but the Forte wiped the floor with it in almost every area.

Pro's- crash ratings and safety, warranty, price, performance (SX had one of the highest HP ratings in its class and excellent skid pad performance), appearance.. The list goes on and on.

Con's- Poor throttle/ clutch feel, not the best fuel mileage (definitely better than my Jeep though!), a bit light in snow, and the paint is pretty thin.

Everything aside, if I had the chance I would DEFINITELY buy it again (maybe test-drive a Koup first, before deciding). I love my car and I'm sure you will too.
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