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Just saw on the TV news that there is now a trendy Tik Tok Challenge to steal Kias and video the cars being wrecked.

Tik Tok Challenges are a social media phenomenon where people try to outdo in outrageousness a previous video.

The Kia challenge encourages people to try to start a car with a USB cable, taking advantage of a vulnerability that allows the ignition to be bypassed in some Kia and Hyundai models.

Tik Tok is functionally owned by the Chinese Communist Party. It often refuses to ban videos encouraging criminality. The site is tremendously popular with teen and pre-teens worldwide.

One video shows four punks hanging out of a white Forte before crashing into a curb and tree. Other videos show Kias racing at high speed through residential areas before striking a parked car.

The videos are usually short, around a minute. The thieves quickly film the crash, then jump in a getaway car before police can arrive. Some thieves have posted multiple crashes using different cars.

The reporter said the thieves are as young as 10. The videos are posted with the hashtag #kiaboyz.

The police officer interviewed recommended using the Klub or a hidden kill switch as a deterrent. The officer said it is only a matter of time before someone dies at the hands of a kiaboy.

Pre 2022 base model Kias are easy targets because they lack an engine anti-theft immobilizer. Thieves break into a car, usually through the back window, and then yank out the ignition. Kias with the immobilizer need the transponder in the key fob to start. In the challenge, cars with a push button start are hotwired with a USB cable.

There are other Tik Tok videos showing the technique for breaking and bypassing and the ignition switch.

The trend goes beyond the U.S. Australia is seeing an increase in Kia thefts, too.

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