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hello everyone

i recently bought a forte koup, which i am very pleased with, but found today that kia does not have the 10yr powertrain warranty anymore.... when did this happen?

i remember the dealer saying 5 years but i guess it didnt hit me till now... thought kia and hyundai were suppose to have the best warranty. i know Mitsubishi still has their 10yr powertrain
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i bought mine 2 weeks ago aswell. im located in canada tho so thats probably why theres a difference.... pretty shitty tho, i mean... same car, just different country. i get that they are run buy 2 separate companies kinda but same brand. im sure if anything goes wrong it would be within the 5 years anyways but would have been nice.

FYI guys, if you dont mind answering a question of mine. i posted in the 2.0L discussion(got a EX forte koup) called "6th gear in EX". easier for you guys to read the post rather then me repeat myself.

thanks guys
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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