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Knock sensor, 2014 2.0 GDI- Looking for recall success stories?

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I'm seeing some similar stories here but I'm hoping to collect some successful outcomes as a guide for how to proceed with my own ride.

My Forte is at 156k, it's been burning oil since at least 85k. I took it in for a repair check at 95k, but it passed their tests. I should have persisted while it was still in the original warranty, that would have saved me a massive headache. Anyway, it burns through 1-2 quarts every week, depending on distance covered. The factory cat was fouled and failed about a year ago. I've got a cheap cat on there now (alt Kia part) until the oil problem can get fixed, but that savings has been interrupted by this knock sensor.

I had the recall work done last May, and the sensor tripped a few weeks ago. I've got it at a dealership now, and there are differences between what the dealership is describing and what this recall notice says. The notice that says upon completion of the work, that knock repairs will be repaired out to 15/150. The dealership is looking at the service history and saying that because the car received passing results 8 months ago, the warranty coverage no longer applies??? They make these helpful little videos to walk service customers through their inspection results, but the video shows the only thing they're looking at "inside the engine" is the test results dated last May.

Now, I have no idea what the hell is wrong with this engine. My supposition is that the knock report touches upon a root mechanical issue and is likely related in SOME way to the burning oil. Without knowing what the actual problem is, I don't know whether or not there is any actual legit warranty coverage.

But the diagnosis performed by the dealership has been limited to the presence of the code. They're saying "you've got this code, you've got no warranty, you need a new engine." There has seemingly been no actual validation of whatever it was that tripped the sensor, or whether or not that trigger was physical damage that falls into the warranty terms.

My local Kia dealerships have been horribly inconsistent. One is running a shady parts pricing scheme, another refused to take my limping/knocking engine without an appt, and the shop that did the recall work last year tried denying there was any warranty coverage by the work at all. The dealership it's at now has a much better attitude, but I have concerns about their process. Kia's customer assistance reps have been more helpful generally, but all their help so far hasn't actually solved anything just yet.

IF YOU'VE HAD RECALL SUCCESS with this or any similar issue, what did the trick? Was there someone in particular you needed to talk to, was there something specific you said that got attention or results? The folks at Kia corporate do seem to be taking what I'm saying seriously, but sympathy is still a little less useful than a solution..!
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I had this exact issue--same model year, same engine. The oil consumption is a symptom of a larger problem that is only resolved, at this point, by replacing the engine. I verified this with independent mechanics who would not attempt to rebuild my engine. My car also passed KIA's recall "test," despite the fact that it was burning oil and the engine was pinging because of the fouled catalytic converter. Once that test was completed and the KSDS was updated, as you said, KIA extended the warranty to cover damage caused by rod bearing failure specifically, up to 15 years/150,000 miles. KIA will not repair/replace engines under warranty that are simply burning oil; the engine has to knock and diagnostic code 1326 has to be present in the system. Here's the thing, though: when the oil level drops low enough in an engine, the rod bearings will begin to fail and the engine will knock.

KIA replaced my engine under warranty. My mileage was approximately 120,000 mi.

Here is what I did. I went to a KIA dealership and asked them to conduct an oil consumption test. This provided verification that the correct amount of oil was added on a specific day by a certified technician. The technician also applied tamper-proof putty to the dipstick, filler cap, drain plug, and oil filter. This step was important because it would later prove that I had not drained any oil or tampered with my engine. The dealer told me to return in 1000 miles so that the tech could measure how much oil was lost. I already knew my car was burning excessive oil, though, and I didn't need KIA to tell me that. Instead of returning after 1000 miles, I kept driving the car and did not top-off the oil. The recommended oil change interval for our cars is 7,500 miles, and I knew my car wouldn't make it that far without failure.

After approximately 4,000 miles of driving (longer than I expected to make it!), my oil light came on, my engine sounded terrible, and the check engine light illuminated. Code 1326 was present. I brought my car to the same dealer. After a couple hours of inspection and diagnostic work, the technician verified that my engine met the requirements for replacement. He submitted his report to KIA, which approved my engine for replacement.

The only obstacle I can see for you, unfortunately, is that your car already has 156,000 miles on it. I think your extended warranty may have expired, but please verify this on your own.

The only reasonable solution to this particular problem with our 2.0 GDI engines is replacing the engine. If your engine is burning a quart per week, the damage is done and cannot be fixed by continuing to add oil, cleaning the cylinder head, adding fuel system cleaners, etc.

If you are outside the warranty window, I recommend selling your car to a dealer that will take it to auction and sell it as-is, red-lighted. You will probably get $1,000 - $1,500 for it at best. Please don't sell it privately and deceive the buyer. Unless you absolutely adore your 8-year-old Forte, I don't recommend paying out of pocket to replace the engine. KIA quoted me $9600 for the job, far more than my car is worth.
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