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Knock sensor, 2014 2.0 GDI- Looking for recall success stories?

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I'm seeing some similar stories here but I'm hoping to collect some successful outcomes as a guide for how to proceed with my own ride.

My Forte is at 156k, it's been burning oil since at least 85k. I took it in for a repair check at 95k, but it passed their tests. I should have persisted while it was still in the original warranty, that would have saved me a massive headache. Anyway, it burns through 1-2 quarts every week, depending on distance covered. The factory cat was fouled and failed about a year ago. I've got a cheap cat on there now (alt Kia part) until the oil problem can get fixed, but that savings has been interrupted by this knock sensor.

I had the recall work done last May, and the sensor tripped a few weeks ago. I've got it at a dealership now, and there are differences between what the dealership is describing and what this recall notice says. The notice that says upon completion of the work, that knock repairs will be repaired out to 15/150. The dealership is looking at the service history and saying that because the car received passing results 8 months ago, the warranty coverage no longer applies??? They make these helpful little videos to walk service customers through their inspection results, but the video shows the only thing they're looking at "inside the engine" is the test results dated last May.

Now, I have no idea what the hell is wrong with this engine. My supposition is that the knock report touches upon a root mechanical issue and is likely related in SOME way to the burning oil. Without knowing what the actual problem is, I don't know whether or not there is any actual legit warranty coverage.

But the diagnosis performed by the dealership has been limited to the presence of the code. They're saying "you've got this code, you've got no warranty, you need a new engine." There has seemingly been no actual validation of whatever it was that tripped the sensor, or whether or not that trigger was physical damage that falls into the warranty terms.

My local Kia dealerships have been horribly inconsistent. One is running a shady parts pricing scheme, another refused to take my limping/knocking engine without an appt, and the shop that did the recall work last year tried denying there was any warranty coverage by the work at all. The dealership it's at now has a much better attitude, but I have concerns about their process. Kia's customer assistance reps have been more helpful generally, but all their help so far hasn't actually solved anything just yet.

IF YOU'VE HAD RECALL SUCCESS with this or any similar issue, what did the trick? Was there someone in particular you needed to talk to, was there something specific you said that got attention or results? The folks at Kia corporate do seem to be taking what I'm saying seriously, but sympathy is still a little less useful than a solution..!
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For starters, it looks like you had an unfair advantage with the presence of an honest dealership :D

There's the mechanical issue, then there's a real dealership contribution. A couple months before the sensor was tripped I had a concern about engine noise and called the dealership that did the work. They flat-out denied there was any kind of warranty or coverage attached to the work they'd done. When I brought in the recall notice with the warranty language they refused to look at it. I can't afford an engine fix without coverage, so it just wound up getting more miles added on - and I was already by then on the edge of the 150k bubble - before failing. A possible repair became an engine failure with the help of my local dealership.
Meanwhile the service rep there did say that they put at 12mo/12k guarantee on shop work, my AAA membership and the dealership's affiliation is supposed to attach a 12mo/12k warranty on shop work, and my engine definitely failed within that timeframe from the service date. There are coverage issues from the dealership and AAA that are getting overlooked, and a definite legal implication for the dealership.

It boggles my mind. At a warrantied pace of driving, the recall hit 2014 owners with 30k still left on their factory warranties, and Kia was willing to warranty those engines out to 80k additional miles (at that warrantied driving pace). Mine fails 10k after the service and suddenly my daily commute becomes an existential struggle.

My compliments on your success. Thanks for the info on your fix...
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Sounds like you (Dave) are driving approx 17k per year. You need to either get a loan for another ride, or move your residence to within walking / bike-riding distance of your employer.

I remember those early years of 45 years ago and not having a dependable ride or dependable, short-distanced job. You will figure this out eventually (hopefully very quickly) and someday draw a laugh (or 3) from these financial-struggling years currently.

Good luck to you and the first step I would take is finding a buyer for that very sick ride that sits inside your dealership. It may be there - that you find your best deal for the sick Forte. Use whatever that sum is, to put a down payment on another ride at a different brand dealership or accredited used vehicle sales lot..
Unfortunately none of those things are going to happen, I lack the flexibility for even those options :cry:. Instead I'm going after the dealership for their documented warranty misinformation, working with the local county DA and weights/measures. Going after Kia's shoddy recall through the CA Bureau of Auto Repair and the NHTSA. Going after both through social media, public reviews, partner associations like AAA, and auto blogs.

It would be nice if this could be a "laughs years later" situation, but there's too much intentional disregard and negligence going on here for me to do anything but spend the rest of my life pissed at Kia's crap. "Remember that time Kia drove me to weeks of existential uncertainty and income insecurity? Boy, those two months of pondering unemployment, starvation, and drastic solutions were a blast..."

Thanks for the input, I'm not actually trying to be dismissive here. But in my instance Kia has become a source of genuine pain and harm. I'm choosing some process violence in return, not laughter :)
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