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I've debadged my Koup since a few weeks now and put on the K badges.... thought i'd share some of my stories :)

Day 1: Following debadge, side of the road, industrial zone
French guy: c'est quoi comme voiture? (What type of car is that?)
Me: (on the phone inside car) One minute please...
French guy: (Waits for 5mins behind my car...)
Me: (holds the line...) It is a Koup...
French guy: C'est une nouvelle marque? (Is that a new make?)
Me: Euh no its a Kia!!!
French guy: Ahh vraiment...??? (Oh really???)

Day 2: Police security check, freeport zone
Cop: Id sir?
Me: Here you are...
Cop: That's an awesome car you have here...
Me: Thanks...
Cop: Is that a...? Lexus...?
Me: Nopes, its a Kia Cerato Koup :)
Cop: oh... cool...
(Subsequent times I go to that place, I never show my ID again...)

Today: Dinner at a resto with a friend
Waiter: Excuse me, is that your car outside?
Me: Yes... (with a worried feeling... for a while I thought someone ran into it...)
Waiter: Is it brand new?
Me: Well... just about 3 months old...
Waiter: Well not bad for a Mazda...huh..
Me: Euhhh sorry... that's a Kia Cerato Koup
Waiter: Oh I thought... euhhh... no???
Me: No :)
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