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hey peps!!!

just joined the site.

picked up 10 koup.

never been a "car guy" i come from the sportbike motorcycle world.

looking to mod my car........... but how? where?

i am from toronto, ontario, canada.

what sites you all going to?
what shops you all buying from?
what mods are doing? pics?
rims? body kits? grills?
looking to mod the crap out of my car so help me out! :)

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Keep watch in the Canada/ UKE: United Fortes of Ontario section for the next meetup.. they are pretty often! Where in Toronto are you from? Are you on a blackberry?
i am from Etobicoke.

i will keep my eye on that thread.

probably better i see what you all are doing before i spend the cash to buy.

sounds like a big koup market in toronto.
i like it.
never see them on the roads.... good to know.
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I feel like i work for this website lol but the best website to get aftermarket parts is they have alot of stuff from lights to badges and bodykits! And if you want something they don't show on the website, email them, I'm sure they can find it! And for 10% off use the promo code forte10 lol someone shoud start a thread about aftermarket websites! Lol
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