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Koup Sport Grille

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I think this would look pretty sharp on a red Koup. I wish they had some photos of it installed though! I like that it has a bit of chrome on it to go along with the chrome door handles on the SX models.

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I really wanted to see what it would look like so I whipped this up. I think it looks pretty good (aside from the fact that I did a crappy job photo-shopping it!). The first one is the original product. The second is to show what it might look like if you painted the chrome part black. I apologize for doing such a terrible job on them. :( *shame*


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Change the red part of the grill to chasing leds (ie KnightRider) and that would be so awesome. :cool:
LOL You can go right ahead and do that one yourself! I'll pass :p
I was just looking at those as well! it seems we r on the same page :p
also the Roadrunrs grill looks good :D
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I just don't really like the little triangle emblem on it. I'm picky :(
The roadrunner grill is nice but the change in grill material to a smaller mesh pattern doesn't look right to me.
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