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Hey guys,

I decided to use dynolicious on my iPhone for the first time this weekend. Anyway, the launch was VERY light, I wasn't really prepared and didn't want to beat the crap out of the car at launch just yet anyway. I forgot to the take the ESC off and shifting to third the car bogged as I hit the rev limiter. With all those excuses said, the results were pretty good for a first ever try of this software. So here is a look at the results and there will be more to come!

I wasn't 100% sure of the weight of the car either. I set it to 2950lbs with me in the car only and a quarter tank of gas.

Forte koup sx
2010 Kia Forte koup sx
2010-04-04 4:10 PM

0-10 km/h:0.97 sec
0-20 km/h:1.53 sec
0-30 km/h:2.22 sec
0-40 km/h:2.83 sec
0-50 km/h:3.45 sec
0-60 km/h:4.48 sec
0-70 km/h:5.34 sec
0-80 km/h:6.20 sec
0-90 km/h:7.12 sec
0-100 km/h:8.77 sec
0-110 km/h:10.23 sec
0-120 km/h:11.72 sec
0-130 km/h:13.32 sec
0-140 km/h:15.13 sec

Elapsed Time
60':3.07 [email protected] km/h
330':7.31 [email protected] km/h
1/8 mi:10.82 [email protected] km/h
1000':13.82 [email protected] km/h
1/4 mi:16.32 [email protected] km/h


Max Speed:146.6 km/h
Max Acceleration:0.50 G's
Peak Horsepower:170 HP

I'll give her another run some time this week with an aggressive launch and the ESC off!!

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Those are some really decent numbers!

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Curb Weights for Koups:
2716 lbs for EX Manual
2749 lbs for EX Auto
2859 lbs for SX Manual
2875 lbs for SX Auto

The Sedans are approx. 9 lbs lighter in each trim package. LX identical to EX.

Just add the weight of a tank of gas or fraction of it doing conversion on 13.7 gallons full
13.7 gallons full ~= 92 lbs depends on temps and altitude but a good average.

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thats so sick i am going to get me an ipod touch just for that
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