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Koup Tcs Problem here.. anyone

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Well i have a Forte Koup Sx 6sp and today for the second time in this week ive noticed while driving the highway my tcs off light has turned on, clicking the tcs button does nothing either turn it off or on, both times i have turned the car off and back on and tcs seems to work normal by the button, does anyone have experienced this behaviour? its kinda worrying cause both times have occur on heavy rain days and suddenly figure im driving with the tcs off on wet conditions doesnt make me feel safe.

I just hope this doesnt mean a trip to the dealer, its so a painfull to deal with them...
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Dead thread I know, but relevant none the less. My car just started doing this almost constantly. I recently put drilled rotors and new pads on the car and was afraid that the I did something myself. I would love to know if any of you ended up taking it to the dealership and finding out what was wrong. I too, absolutely hate dealing with the dealership in my local area. Thank for any information you may have.
I'd have to look at how the tcs is set up on the forte, but I suspect it has inductive pick up wheel speed sensors mounted somewhere close to each axle shaft in front, and near each wheel hub in the back. It is possible there's a loose or missing wire connection to the sensor that will certainly cause the tcs light to come on.

I'll try to locate some more specific information for you.

I actually found another thread while searching around the net on here and on kia-forums and it apparently may be related a brake light switch problem Kia has had for years.
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